You must follow “Michuki” rules,matatu operators told

You must follow “Michuki” rules,matatu operators told

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Matatu operators have been blamed for going against the rules and regulations set by National Transport and Safety Authority(NTSA) by putting extra decoration on Public Service Vehicle.

Matatu Welfare Association Coast branch Chairman Mr. Sammy Gitau said the decorations on many PSV vehicles have been overdone urging the operators to follow the famous 2004 Michuki rules,prohibiting such decors.

“It’s unfortunate that some matatus have gone overboard by overdoing some of the decoration by painting the vehicle with many colors, installing radio and then playing loud music and ffensive videos on the television inside the vehicle.”  said Mr. Gitau.

He also cautioned matatu owners against altering the shape of their vehicles adding that the trend of lifting the behind tires could pose serious danger.

This comes few days after NTSA, commenced on cracking down on PSV that did not comply with the traffic rules such as removing offensive graffiti and modified equipments that cause noise.

Commuters have had a hard time since Monday navigating in Mombasa due to NTSA’s crackdown on matatus flouting rules governing the sector.

However, the Authority said  it has no problem with matatus that have installed TV; only if they display ‘clean’ content suitable for all age demographics.