Gospel musician Rose Muhando attacked by a snake

Gospel musician Rose Muhando attacked by a snake

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Tanzanian songstress Rose Muhando has been hospitalized  after being bitten by a snake at her home in Dodoma.

Tanzanian publication Global Publishers reported that while the Nibebe star was coming back to her home on 19th Jan she was bit by a snake right outside her house.

After noticing what had happened neighbors rushed her to a hospital in Dododma.

“Poor Rose, she is going through a lot of challenges. It is just the other day her legs and arms swelled. She had not fully recovered and Now her condition will worsen following the snake bite she suffered at her home,” said a source to the publication.

A person claiming to be Muhando’s relative, also told the publication that the gospel star suffered a big snake bite as the snake was very huge.

The Groove Award winner , who is also very popular in Kenya; received bashing on social media a while back after she was accused of having procured an abortion; something that she has come out to deny.

This together with a leg surgery that she had undergone earlier made the gospel songbird absent in events; making most of her fans wondering where she disappeared to.