Lamu fishermen using boats to “peddle drugs”.

Lamu fishermen using boats to “peddle drugs”.

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Boats ferrying fish from Lamu to Kiunga will henceforth be subjected to inspection after allegations they are used to peddle drugs in the Lamu town.

According to Lamu senior Chief Abdalla Shahasi there is an increase in the amount of illegal drugs coming into the Island.

Shahasi said boats transporting fish to and from Lamu are alleged to be involved in drug peddling a syndicate funded by major drug barons in Lamu.

He has appealed to police to conduct thorough searches on all boast transporting fish in the region.

Speaking in Lamu on Sunday,Shahasi accused police officers in the region of laxity in inspecting such boats and that as such, drug peddlers were getting an easy avenue of bringing in drugs into the county by sea.

Shahasi said there was need for all boat owners to embrace the Nyumba Kumi strategy in order to be able to tell any person who is conducting illicit activities using their vessels.

“We have had boats transporting fish on the radar for quite some time and I can confidently say that some of these vessels are used to bring into Lamu huge consignments of drugs daily. Marine police need to be more vigilant than they have been since these peddlers have now moved their routes of bringing in drugs from land to water.

The rate at which the drugs are coming in is not comfortable at all. Police should inspect all vessels are charge these guys soonest,”said Shahasi.

In the meantime, chiefs in Lamu have been asked to be on the forefront in ensuring Lamu is crime-free.

The over 200 chiefs have been accused of ‘sleeping on their jobs’ while crime continues to rise in their various locations in the county.