Jose Chameleone responds to claims that he has gone blind

Jose Chameleone responds to claims that he has gone blind

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Reknown Ugandan Musician Jose Chameleone has come out to deny all the rumors that a Ugandan tabloid published claiming  he has gone blind and is bedridden.

Through his Facebook page, the Tubonge star  bitterly expressed his disappointment with the tabloid that is painting a bad picture of journalists in Uganda.

“I Want to clearly clarify that the story written in one of today’s Local Tabloid that I am bedridden and Have gone blind is Total nonsense and I call the Editors of that paper to rectify such. Ugandans are tired of lies and unprofessional Journalism. ” posted Chameleone.

He further went ahead to question unprofessional-ism in the country’s Journalism industry.

“I remember my father used to pass to me Newspapers to read for him as he had his coffee. In sense of teaching me to read and enlightening me on current national affairs today- it’s impossible as all left in news is False news written by non- Professional in the name of selling multiple Copies!!!!!!! It’s a pity too.” added a bitter Chameleone.

Here is the video where Chameleone responded to claims that he has gone blind.