Here are tips on how to write your own impressive CV.

Here are tips on how to write your own impressive CV.

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The Curriculum Vitae, better known as the CV, is a must-have in today’s modern world. Also known as the Resume in some countries like Canada and the United States, it’s a document that always has people scratching their heads; just how do I go about this?

Well, many books, journals and blogs have been written about this, and that should tell you JUST HOW MUCH of a problem it is to come up with one.

Well, I’ve come up with a short, easy-to-read and understand manual on how to go about your CV. Broken down in series of short reads, it breaks everything down in the following;
• The Personal Profile Statement
• Roles undertaken, achievements and abilities
• Skills and abilities
• Educational qualification and any ongoing personal development
• Hobbies and interests

Many myths have been given regarding the CV, and this is a guide meant at dispelling such, and keeping you in the know. Today, we look at the foundations of a CV, in a guide that’s as easy o remember as A,B,C, D.

A… Always ensure a great but truthful first impression

Be sure to have proof of everything you put down on your CV, as you try to bring out the best in you. The best way to do this is giving a real life experience regarding any experiences.

If the document is to be sent in hard copy, it should be printed on QUALITY white paper.

B…Be sure to use the right format

The standard fonts (Aerial or Times New Roman), font sizes (between 10-12) and page consistency should be observed, having in mind that the first is the most important of all pages.

C…Choice of words

Ensure the best words and grammar in your CV. Always write a CV in the third party, to avoid the use of ‘I’. Also equally important is the use of proper punctuation.

Well, with all that in mind, it’s now time to know what’s essential for a good CV. Watch out for the next article on this.