Police release details of how 4 terror suspects were killed in Malindi

Police release details of how 4 terror suspects were killed in Malindi

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Police on Tuesday night ambushed and shot dead four suspected terrorists at Kwa Chocha area in Malindi.
Police suspect that the four were planning to carry out an attack on important places in Malindi.

Sources said the suspects had been gathering information and mapping out escape routes after the planned attack.

Malindi police boss Matawa Muchangi confirmed that the police raided a house that the suspects are believed to have rented at ksh 14,000 per month since November last year at Kwa Chocha area.

“We received the information from Members of the public and and through our Multi-agency security system we have been keeping watch on them,” Muchangi said.

“Yesterday we managed to raid the house at around 2.00am where we were counter attacked with fireworks but we later managed to kill all the four of them.”

Muchangi said the suspects had a map of the whole Malindi town and they had singled out specific places to attack.

“They were planning to attack places like Malindi Complex, Alascan among other places but they had left out Shella area which mostly lives Muslims,” Muchangi said.

The police also recovered grenades, two arms and other assortments of things meant to be used during the attack believed to had been scheduled soon before their deaths.

“These people were really planning to carry out a massive attack and we are happy that we managed to tame them before they could materialize evil plan,” added Muchangi.

Terrorists’ attacks have been experienced in Kenya, coast being one of the targeted areas in the plan of the terrorists.

In 2014 the terrorists attacked Mpeketoni in Lamu county, before shifting their targets to North Eastern where they attacked the Garisa University and killed nearly 147 students.