Fans blast Boy band Sauti Sol for working in studio with controversial...

Fans blast Boy band Sauti Sol for working in studio with controversial gospel musician

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The live and Die in Afrika artists have received a lot of backlash from their fans after posting a picture of them in studio working with a gospel artist who has been involved in a lot of controversies in the past.

Well you guessed it right, the controversial gospel artist is none other than Willy Paul.

Sauti Sol took to social media to post photos of them with the   Sitolia  singer in what seems to have been a studio session.

As usual Kenyans on Social media  look forward to comment on such posts. Here are a sample of   facebook comments:

“Kwani sauti sol mnapanda mkishuka.. how could you stoope that low.. you should be talking of bigger collabos now Huyu willypaul naye aamue ni secular ama gospel, mara ndio ule anapambana na Gloria Muliro ju ya Mula, Mara ndio ule Ethiopia anafisia madem, mara anaimba na beats za rihanna (Mama) Huyu ata Gloria Muliro angeacha ajitie tu kitanzi. ” Said one Denno Mhandsome

“hahahaha hiyo collabo, najua itaanza tu hivi. willy pau tena aaa, sauti sol tena aaaaaaaa, ujinga tu. l am waiting for that song so that l can laugh the whole day. it will never hit anyway.” said another  Kim Geoffry

“Don’t tell me that u guys are serious mnafanya collabo na willy😀😀😀 hapo mtakua mmeniangusha though. ” Said  Pricess Laura Beibgal.
On the other hand, some fans supported the collabo.
” In as much as willy paul is controversial you cant dispute the fact that he has talent and has a natural voice which doesnt need to be auto tuned ata sauti sol have overlooked the negativities surrounding him and are concentrating in his God given talent” said one Michelle Akinyi
Screenshot of the Facebook post by Sauti Sol
Screenshot of the Facebook post by Sauti Sol

What are your thoughts on the collabo?