“Diamond stop killing Tanzania’s music business” says Ali kiba

“Diamond stop killing Tanzania’s music business” says Ali kiba

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Diamond Platinumz and Ali Kiba have for so long been claimed to have beef between them and the latest is about  an interview Diamond gave in which he revealed his position of influence in determining Tanzanian music played on international platforms.

In an interview with Tanzanian media, Diamond said that he is usually consulted by an international TV station on the quality of Tanzanian music videos and whether they can feature on international platforms.

His  musical rival Ali Kiba has dissed Diamond’s claims by saying:

“If what he (Diamond) says is true, then the TV station is doing a wrong thing. However, I don’t believe his statement.He (Diamond) doesn’t carry the talent of everyone with him; each singer has his own talent, and has the right to showcase his work. Music nowadays is done for business; so, it would be unfair for only one person to determine if a country’s singers’ music videos meet the threshold to be played on international media – considering we put a lot of money in producing those videos,”

Most Tanzanian artistes have also responded to the the revelation  claiming  the singer is using his ‘connections’ to suppress international breakthroughs for many musicians.

Diamond has however refuted those allegations saying: “I am shocked to get such acrimony from artistes. They are attacking me yet I use my position to make sure all of us (Tanzanian musicians) succeed internationally. I facilitate all Tanzania-Nigeria collaboration done by artistes from this end,” said Diamond.

“I have however not given any negative review for a Tanzanian artiste; though I can if I so wish,” said Diamond to a Tanzanian Media.