Survey: 57% of Kenyan women battered by their husbands

Survey: 57% of Kenyan women battered by their husbands

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A new survey shows that more women are beaten by their husbands in Kenya.

The forth Kenya demographic health survey released on Thursday by the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics shows that 57 percent of married women have been battered by their husbands.

Many of the victims of violence faced the beatings after they burnt food, refused to have sex with their husbands and also when they visited their relatives, according to the report.

The survey also showed that 21 percent of girls in the country have undergone female genital mutilations FGM and 3 percent of them fall better 0-14 years.

The cases are highly prevalence in Kisii and Somali communities.

75 percent of the FGM cases were done by traditional practitioners while 20 percent by medical experts.

Girls and women with low education level regard highly regard the illegal practice.

more details to follow.