Police mistake man’s private parts as weapon

Police mistake man’s private parts as weapon

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A police officer was left embarrassed  after he mistook a man’s private part  for a deadly weapon during a body search.

According to DailyMail, the embarrassing footage captured in the US , shows the man being restrained with his hands behind his back,while the other makes the humiliating mistake.

The topless man is said to have entered the store and began behaving in a weird way that alerted the staff to call the police.

In the video: One officer is seen  moving  his gloved hand around to the man’s left pocket and then  appears to grab hold of his penis – mistaking it for something else.

Unwilling to take any chances, the policeman grasps it several times to ensure it is indeed connected to the man they have restrained.

The policeman is later seen to be embarrassed after finding out that it was indeed not a weapon.
Here is the video: