Kenya Ports Authority to nominate containers to CFSs.

Kenya Ports Authority to nominate containers to CFSs.

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Government has given the Kenya Ports Authority the sole mandate of nominating freight containers at Mombasa Port to designated Container Freight Stations CFSs as from 1st March, 2016.

In a notice issued by KPA Managing Director Gichiri Ndua, the government says KPA will also process the nomination of containers to the appointed gazetted CFSs using agreed and equitable distribution criteria.

“Following well-found security, port congestion and tax leakage concerns, the government has directed with effect from 1st March, 2016, Kenya Ports Authority will have the sole mandate of nominating freight containers to Designated Container Freight Stations CFSs.” Ndua said in the notice.

He also asked all shippers, agents and shipping lines to comply with the new government directive and “ensure that shipping documents including Manifests and Bill of lading are not endorsed to specific CFSs.”

“Details of the guidelines and standard operating procedures for the directive will be circulated by 29th January, 2016.” Mr Ndua concluded.

Meanwhile , a number of clearing agents have welcomed the government move saying that they long to see fairness and equity in the distribution of containers to CFSs.

Former KFWA National Chairman Peter Mabembe said it will seal loopholes of tax evasion by unscrupulous traders and illegal imports of contraband goods through CFSs.

He claimed that container freight stations (CFSs) have been used as conduits to smuggle into the country hard drugs like cocaine and illegal weapons which have become a security risk.

Mabembe however asked for inclusion of the Association of Importers of Kenya(AIK) which he claims to be representing Cargo owners in country in the nomination process.

“ That nomination of goods must also be permitted by the Kenya Revenue Authority(KRA) with Customs agent or the importer applying for a manifest corrector from the shipper by filling a Customs form C11 to change the final delivery of the goods.” He said