Trial on Masjid Musa Mosque raid case resumes in Mombasa

Trial on Masjid Musa Mosque raid case resumes in Mombasa

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Scene of crime expert on Wednesday took to the dock in a Mombasa Law Court to testify in a case where 27 people were arrested following a raid at the controversial Musa mosque two years ago.

The suspects were charged with plotting terrorist acts inside the mosque.

Geoffrey Ouma testified that the scene of crime where an Ak 47, a G3 gun, ammunition, flags bearing Arabic words ,knives and laptops were recovered at Masjid Musa Mosque Was not appropriately persevered.

During a cross examination, the security photographer told the Court that he found most of the materials he had photographed having been moved to the veranda which is also a part of the Musa Mosque.

Mr Ouma also told the court that he was called at around 2 PM by Mombasa deputy DCIO who gave him the assignment to take photos of the exhibits found inside the mosque during the swap.

“I found the exhibits on the outside and was shown different places where they were found hence the manner in which the scene of crime was preserved was not appropriate” said the officer.

In addition a bag in which photo appeared in the photo album seemed to have had gone missing as the prosecution presented a different bag which the photographer alleged not to be among the exhibits he had taken photos of.

“I do not see the blue bag here and the black one does not appear in my album” said Ouma.
In addition he told the court that he did not take pictures of any of the 27 accused arrested in Masjid Musa in February 2, 2014.

The security officer told Senior resident Magistrate that he could not point out any of the accused who might have been at the scene of crime where Inspector Geoffrey Ouma told the court that he had only been called to take photos the following day after the swap hence he could not point out who the exhibits belonged to.

Meanwhile a ballistic expert Lawrence Nthiwa explained that an Ak 47 found inside the mosque lacked serial numbers hence it was hard to determine if it belonged to any security agents.

The trial failed to kick off on Monday and Tuesday after the prosecution told Senior Principal Magistrate Richard Odenyo that the evidence had not been assembled for court yet.

the 27 suspects were arrested on February 2, 2014. Five Muslim youths and a policeman were killed in the raid.

A suspect, Hemed Salim Hemed, who was arrested during the raid, disappeared from police custody, prompting the court to order the investigation and prosecution of several officers who were involved in the raid.

The case hearing continues in May 23, 2016