New library opened in Mombasa to counter radicalization

New library opened in Mombasa to counter radicalization

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The Muslim Education and Welfare Association –MEWA in partnership with the US Government has built a Library in Majengo ,Mombasa, a move aimed at engaging the youth in education to counter radicalization in the area.

The US funded project, was initiated to scholars in Mombasa including Professor Ali Mazrui.

The library named after Professor Ali Mazrui, also is a one of the anti-radicalization programs, as it intends to involve more of the youths in the area in education.

Speaking during the launch, US ambassador Robert Godec, said the Library will serve as an avenue for greater dialogue among communities in Mombasa.

“We hope its going to serve as a center for education and for further interreligious dialogue for the people of Mombasa,” said Godec.

MEWA Chairman Salim Galghan congratulated the US government for funding the project, saying it has always been their dream to help the youth not engage in things like radicalization and drug..

“We have established so many institution centers in the streets, and we have managed to change the dens earlier used for things like drugs, are now helping the youths,” said Salim.

Also in attendance during the launch was Mombasa governor Ali Hassan Joho and Mombasa Senator Hassan Omar Sarai.
Joho promised that his government would fund the purchase of books in the Library, which are expected to focus on discouraging youth from radicalization.

On his part senator Hassan Omar, termed the move as bold and a big step in countering terrorism and radicalization.
“The greatest warriors in life today, are those armed with education, if you are armed with education, you can confront any adversity”, said senator Omar.