Raila joins Churches in opposing new regulations

Raila joins Churches in opposing new regulations

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Raila addressing Press accompanied by Church leaders in Nairobi.

Opposition leader Raila Odinga has backed church leaders in opposing the proposed regulations for churches terming it unnecessary and unconstitutional.

He turned his onslaught to president Uhuru Kenyatta blaming him over the controversial regulations.

Speaking in Nairobi after meeting leaders and members of clergy , Raila said those regulations are unnecessary insisting that a line must be drawn between the state and religion.

He said the structure of the church or any other religious organisation in Kenya already operates under certain laws and it makes no sense to make new regulations.

Raila taking a photo with various  Church leaders who paid a courtesy on him in Nairobi.
Raila taking a photo with various Church leaders who paid a courtesy on him in Nairobi.
“If someone has broken the law by committing fraud in the church, we already have laws to punish those people.” He said

He sharply differed with the President and his Deputy President William Ruto after retracting the earlier decision that contentious issues in the proposed regulations ought to be relooked.

“The president cannot now be pretending to be considerate to religious leaders by directing the attorney general to negotiate with you people, when he is the one who actually chaired the meeting that approved those regulations” Raila said

He demanded the government to repeal those regulations immediately if not so he will join religious leaders in demanding justice on the issue.

“The president should just order that this matter be repealed period we urge them to do so quickly, otherwise we will invite the religious fraternity in this country rise up and say no.”He insisted

Attorney-General Githu Muigai this week published controversial draft regulations that, among others, demand that all clerics have requisite training, have registered members and submit tax reports to the

So far ,Catholics, Pentecostal churches, evangelicals and the Cord coalition have opposed the regulations