Mombasa Tuk tuk operators to oppose evictions from CBD

Mombasa Tuk tuk operators to oppose evictions from CBD

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Tuk Tuk Operators in Mombasa vows to defy plans to move them out of the Mombasa CBD, over claims that they cause traffic jams and crime in the area.

Tuk Tuk Owners and Drivers Associations TODA termed as baseless claims made by the Kenya Ntaional Chamber of Commerce and Industry -KNCCI that they are congesting the CBD hence causing traffic jams.

Reacting to the claims Tuesday the association Chairperson Obedi Muruli said the claims are aimed at ousting them, out of business.

“Many of our customers are in the CBD, so if you take us out of the CBD, where will they go, they may be tempted to turn to crime” said Mr. Muruli.

Mr. Muruli urged the KNCCI to come up with other solutions to reduce jam in the CBD including expanding roads, creating bus station, instead of moving them out of the CBD.

The TODA chairperson also refuted claims by KNCC that they are the cause of crime in the CBD.

He said the Tuktuk sector has employed hundreds of youths, so removing them in the Town Would affect many people’s life.

“The KNCCI sees our business as small, but it puts bread in hundreds of people’s table, so let them advice the county government correctly, like improving infrastructures but not targeting us” added Mr. Muruli.

This comes just a day after the Kenya National Chamber of Commerce and Industry Chairperson James Mureu, representing business Community in the county, called on reduction of TukTuk operating in the CBD, saying they were causing much traffic jams, hence affecting their business.

“Reduce the Tuk tuks because they cause too much jam and allow free flow because crime happens when there is clogged up traffic,” said Mr.James.