A man shot dead by KDF in Mombasa

A man shot dead by KDF in Mombasa

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A middle aged man was early Wednesday reportedly shot and killed by Kenya Defence Forces officers in Mombasa in unclear circumstances.

Ndoro Mwema 25, who is alleged to be mentally disturbed was shot dead at Dona Olinda Academy in Mtongwe, Likoni, Mombasa County.

He is alleged to have hurled stones to a KDF minibus which was carrying soldiers who were on patrol during the incident.

Police confirmed the death saying the soldiers may have mistaken the stones to a grenade forcing them to react.

Meanwhile, the killing has sparked public outcry with human rights activists calling for thorough investigation into the incident.

Mgandi Kalinga a human right activist based Likoni Mombasa asked the government to ensure justice for Ndoro prevails.

“We condemn the act and will ensure we find justice for Ndoro, we have engaged Likoni OCPD who is on the ground”