‘Maasai traditional greetings’ turn to rape allegations in Kilifi

‘Maasai traditional greetings’ turn to rape allegations in Kilifi

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One of the Police Stations in Kilifi County.

Police in Kilifi  have launched investigations against Kilifi Deputy County commissioner Wilson Ole Saaya over claims that he attempted to rape the wife of his assistant in Ganze a week ago.

But Mr Saaya denied allegations claiming he only greeted the woman as usual according to his Maasai traditions.

“My touch on her head was a normal Maasai greeting and there was nothing other than that. I was even shocked when she angrily reacted to it even after repeatedly apologizing.” Mr Ole Saaya said.

Mr Saaya is alleged to have attempted to rape the wife of his Assistant County Commissioner Mr Antony Macharia.

Ganze OCPD Alexander Makau told Baraka fm over the phone that an inquiry into the allegations will be conducted by at the county police headquarters.

“The officer from the police headquarters will come to Ganze on Monday and among those to record the statements will be the DCC, Mr Ole Saaya, Mr Macharia and his wife and the DCC’s driver who was also present will have to record a statement,” said Mr Makau.

The OCPD said the file will then be taken to the county criminal investigation headquarters for perusal before handed over to the County Commissioner and later to the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) for recommendations.

Addressing the press in Kilifi,   Mr Saaya denied the allegations saying all he remembers was Christmas and new year greetings.

“In our Maasai greetings, one touches the head and that is what I did. So when she took it as an offence, I apologized. I said “sorry”, reckoned Saaya.

The DCC narrated that the victim called his husband who was inside his house, where he again apologized over and over again saying it was a New Year greeting.

The two officers stay together at the Ganze Public Servant quarters.

“ I am not insane, my family was at the compound and my driver was also there. They all saw all what happened. I will stand for the truth.” Mr Saaya narrated .

“I don’t know the motive, because nothing happened,” he added

Mr Macharia and his wife have already recorded statements at the Bamba Police station although Mr Makau said the two will again record new statements to be included in the inquiry file.

However, The Kilifi OCPD said Mr Saaya and Mrs Macharia will have to demonstrate to the investigating officers how it happened.

“They will have to reveal to the investigating officers on how the two came into contacts with each other and the first reaction of Mrs Macharia’s wife, Makau said.

“That will enable the officers to get a clear picture of the incident to be included in the report.” He added.

The two officers together with the woman were summoned by Kilifi county commissioner Joseph Keter last Wednesday where they were grilled for some hours.

Also present at the County Commissioner’s office was county CID director John Ndun’gu and  County AP commandant Elisha Ngetich.