Kaya elders to reject CORD and JUBILEE in Malindi by-election

Kaya elders to reject CORD and JUBILEE in Malindi by-election

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Kaya elders during previous meetings in Kilifi.

A section of Kaya elders in Kilifi County have distance themselves from CORD and Jubilee vowing to campaign against the two coalitions aspirants in the forth-coming Malindi parliamentary by-election.

The elders accused Jubilee and CORD coalitions of vetting and nominating their candidates without seeking their approvals.

Led by Malindi District Cultural Association’s (MADICA) secretary General Joseph Mwarandu, the Kaya elders said they will advocate for Coastal politicians to vie for political seats using tickets from a Coast based party which they did not specify.

They claimed that supporting parties from other regions has been the cancer ailing coastal politics and it was now time to seek alternative solutions that will make the region regain its political voice.

“As Kaya elders we have decided that we will only support a candidate who will vie for a political seat using a coastal political party or as an independent candidate,” said Mwarandu.

According to Mr Mwarandu , CORD rebel who is now Jubilees point man in the coastal region, Gideon Mungaro, has been downplaying the elders advice.

“It’s not that we hate the two parties but the people they have placed are our biggest concern in the coastal politics,” Mwarandu added.

“They don’t want anything to do with the people of the coast and we have decided that in the forth coming Malindi by -election we will not support aspirants with the parties’ tickets.”

According to Mwarandu the coastal region has for long lost it political voice and influence because of using parties that are not from the region a situation he says has denied the region a chance to have a lion’s share when it comes to political appointments.

“As we speak majority of politicians in CORD are from the coastal region but each time there is an opportunity none of them is considered,” Mwarandu said.

“This is because they do not have a party as coastal politicians thus lacking a voice in the coalitions.”

This comes as CORD and Jubilee politicians continues to transverse Kilifi County and Coast region in general which has been ODM stronghold, a head of the forth-coming parliamentary by-election set for 7th March,2016.

The Kaya leaders recently vetted Malindi parliamentary aspirants where Jubilee aspirant Philip Charo emerged top with fifty percent.

Jubilee party leaders have been holding rallies and issuing out goodies including title deeds as a way of winning voters hearts and showing how determined they are in solving historical injustices that have marred the region for decades, a move termed as a political tool by the opposition.