Prezzo causes gun drama at KTN before interview

Prezzo causes gun drama at KTN before interview

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Jackso Ngechu  Makini alias CMB Prezzo has been on the social media headlines the entire weekend, well more drama seems to follow him as it now appears that he pulled out a gun at the Standard Media Group offices before going in for the interview that also turned chaotic.(Read that interview story  Here)

According to Standard’s Monday Blues The former big brother contestant,  displayed a gun after he and his entourage were asked to follow the right security procedure.

“The security guards instructed Prezzo, as per procedures, to have his crew alight from the car as the driver took them through the visitor’s check unit. However, Prezzo could not hear none of that. He instead, he pulled out his gun and threatened the security guards – to their shock,” part of the the article reads.

The 36-year old had been invited as guest anchor on Friday Briefing , upon his request to feature following the release of his new song.