Prezzo’s mother apologizes for her son’s behavior

Prezzo’s mother apologizes for her son’s behavior

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Prezzo’s mother has disclosed that her son’s embarrassing behaviour while on live TV on Friday, January 8 caused her much pain and she would love to apologize to Kenyans on his behalf.

Jackson Ngechu popularly know as Prezzo was hosted on KTN’s Friday briefing and he is said to have behaved inappropriately on live TV, causing him to tremendously trend online and receiving bashing from so many Kenyans on social media.

Dinna Bhoke Makini (Prezzo’s mum), is said to have called KTN’s news anchor Betty Okari Kyallo and apologized after her son created an embarrassing scene on live TV while appearing on Kyalo’s popular guest anchor segment of the Friday 9pm news.

Here are  screenshots of Betty’s tweet regarding what Dinna had to say:

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Kenyans on Twitter had mixed reactions, with some blaming KTN for not having a good filtering system for the guests they invite on live TV; while others blamed Betty for her dressing.

During the 16-minute session on TV, the artist was placing his hand frequently on Betty’s thighs and interjecting her questions with words  such as “I love your dress by the way.”

Betty was very uncomfortable that at some point she kept on calling on the director to help her out but kept her cool all through the interview.

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