I won’t join JAP, Mombasa Governor tells Uhuru and Ruto

I won’t join JAP, Mombasa Governor tells Uhuru and Ruto

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Gavana Hassan Joho

Mombasa Governor Hassan Ali Joho has brushed away any attempt by Jubilee top leaders to persuade him to Join the ruling Party.

Joho bluntly told President Uhuru Kenyatta and his Deputy William Ruto on Saturday that he his in ODM to stay and that any persuasion to sway him out of the orange party will be futile.

He blamed Likoni Member of Parliament Masoud Mwahima of being easy to be seduced politically to leave his party and join JAP.

“i can not be like Mwahima , I am in ODM to stay and you know I am the ODM Deputy Leader.” Joho said in Likoni when he joined President Uhuru and Ruto in issuance of more than 5,000 title deeds to Likoni squatters at Shika Adabu ground s in Mombasa.

Early this week , Mwahima disowned his party ODM and announced that he will be working with Jubilee Government after meeting President Uhuru and Jubilee leaders at Statehouse in Mombasa.

On Saturday, He repeated the same saying that his Likoni Constituency is no longer an ODM zione as it used to be before.

“Likoni sasa ni ……CDF ,,eee….. ODM zone , oh not ODM zone.We will work with government ya huyu kijana UHURU sasa” Mwahima said during the Likoni title deed issuance event on Saturday.

This comes as reports emerge that many of the ODM leaders at the Coast are warming up for Jubilee Alliance Party following  a well calculated campaigns currently orchestrated by top Jubilee government officials to ensure Jubilee gets more votes from the region come August 2017 general elections.

The campaign seems to be succeeding in scuttling the ODM stronghold of Kilifi and Kwale where several MPs allied to the party including Malindi South MP Gideon Mungaro have officially disowned the party and announced publicly that they will work with the Jubilee Government.

Political experts believe the up-coming Malindi Parliamentary by-election  will be a deciding factor between ODM and Jubilee  in terms of current popularity in the region.

Several Jubilee leaders have reportedly pitched camps in Malindi for an early campaign  ahead of the by-elections  in a bid to ensure the seat goes to the government side.