NLC to release report on disputed Nayeni and Ihaleni lands in March...

NLC to release report on disputed Nayeni and Ihaleni lands in March , says Keter

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Kilifi Governor Amason Kingi addressing squatters in one of the disputed lands.

Kilifi County commissioner Joseph Keter has confirmed that the report on the two pieces of disputed plots is ready and will be out in public in March this year.

The report follows an investigation into the ownership of the Nayeni and Ihaleni lands which are currently in possession of foreign investors , but locals claim ownership of the parcels.

The investigation was initiated by the national land commission in April last year and the report was expected to be released in six months time.

According to the Dr. Mohammed Swazuri, NLC chairman, the report  was delayed due to poor working relationship between the commission and the ministry of lands.

On Wednesday Keter said in a press conference that the report will be made public before March this year after sensitization meetings with the two groups.

“The NLC Chairman said the report would be ready by January but before Christmas it was complete,” said Keter.

“We agreed not to release the report until we hold a sensitization meeting with both parties over the report.”

Keter urged the residents to exercise calmness as they prepare to release the outcome of the investigations regardless of who the report favors.

The investigations were initiated by NLC deputy chairman Abigael Mbagaya Mulokwe following a spate of demonstrations and invasion into the two parcels of land in Mavueni and Kiwandani near Kilifi town by locals.

Nayeni-mbuyuni squatters association has been claiming ownership of a 270 acres piece of land which is currently in the hands of a British settler in Kiwandani.

Ihaleni residents have also been up in arms with another settler over a 5000 acres piece of land whose lease expired some years back at Mavueni.

In April last year Mbagaya met the two groups and promised to reveal the ownership of the two parcels.

“When you came to Nairobi we served the investors with a 21 day notice to furnish us with the documents and they have done so,” Mbagaya was quote saying n a meeting with the two groups in Kilifi.

“I know you want the matter to be concluded in a day but let’s follow the law and give us time to exhaustively investigate the matter.”

The commissioner said the government is working tirelessly to settle squatters in the county.