Doctors dislodge knife from a battered Wajir woman’s skull

Doctors dislodge knife from a battered Wajir woman’s skull

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Doctors at Kenyatta National Hospital Friday managed to save the life of a woman who was critically injured in a domestic row in Wajir on Wednesday.

Ms Fatuma Ibrahim, 32, suffered stab wounds in her head , thigh, abdomen and arms.

Kenyatta National  Hospital chief executive officer Lily Koros confirmed that the surgery was a success after surgeons removed the knife implanted in her temporal region.

Doctors holding a dadger removed from Fauma's Skull on Friday.
Doctors holding a dadger removed from Fauma’s Skull on Friday.

“A CT  scan was then carried out after which she was taken to the emergency before  the removal of the foreign body( knife) .She is now recuperating in the ward after undergoing successful surgery.”Koros said.

Fatuma was  allegedly stabbed by her husband Mohammed Warmoje on Thursday in Wajir county which left  her with a knife stuck  in her cheeks .

The hospital said the victim will be take five days to recover then receive  post  trauma counselling  to tranquilize her mental status.

Doctors at KNH fighting to save Fatuma's Life.
Doctors at KNH fighting to save Fatuma’s Life.

Doctors also indicated that she also had multiple injuries in  her abdomen ,chest and tissues which are taken care of.

Elsewhere, Wajir women representative Fatma Ibrahim called on law enforcement agencies to take up the matter seriously and avoid any call from the local leadership to assist in settling the matter which has
been a trend in the area.

“l would like to appeal to the police who are handling this case not to allow any interference from families because that  is the practise in that area, that they are likely to interfere and create scenarios that will allow the criminal husband to get away with the case.”Fatma said

Fatma added that the gender based violence cases are skyrocketing in the area, with perpetrators of such heinous acts comfortably being accommodated by locals,  a factor she insisted has escalated the vice in the region.

Meanwhile , Deputy Director of public prosecution Nicholas Mutuku  confirmed that Warmoje was arraigned in court on Friday.

He said the prosecution side  has sought  for more time to carry out the investigations before the suspect is charged.