Angry squatters threaten to disrupt President Uhuru’s Likoni event

Angry squatters threaten to disrupt President Uhuru’s Likoni event

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Waitiki Land Squatters hold demo in Likoni on Thursday.

Squatters at the controversial Watiki land in Likoni have vowed to disrupt President Uhuru Kenyatta’s Saturday issuance of title deeds event .

They termed the event as misplaced saying the title deeds should not be sold to them instead be given the land for free.

Speaking after staging protest at CDF hall in Likoni on Thursday ,the squatters led by village elders who are the beneficiaries said they were not ready to pay the accrued land rates and that they would only accept the title deeds if the accrued rates were waived.

“We never seen any  other squatter,who has ever paid  for land which has been to them,we want this land for free if not so we would not attend the exercise”said Nicholas Ojambo, a village elder.

The over three hundred squatters who camped at the Likoni CDF offices said they had not be issued with the allotment letters despite the exercise scheduled  for Saturday.

The President Uhuru is expected to issue over 4000 title deeds to the residents.

This emerged even as Likoni Member of Parliament, Masoud Mwahima said negotiations were underway between the county government of Mombasa and the National government on proposals to waive the ksh400 million land rates for the disputed Watiki land.

Mwahima urged his constituents not to heed to political leaders who were politising the exercise at the expense of the poor.

He also asked his critics to keep off the matter on Watiki land.

“Now  that we  have found a lasting solution, some local leaders out there of course with no good intentions to the locals, are inciting the residents from accepting the title deeds where were they while we were fighting for the land “said Mwahima.

On Tuesday coordinator of Waitiki land Mr. Joseph Kanyiri announced that every beneficiary was expected to pay a fee of sh 182,000 saying the amount will be paid in a period of three years  and will cover purchase, survey and planning costs