Former university student jailed for 20 years over radicalization

Former university student jailed for 20 years over radicalization

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A Mombasa court on Thursday sentenced a Muslim cleric to 20 years imprisonment for the offense of radicalization.

Samuel Wanjala Wabwile alias Salim Mohammed , a former Political student at Maseno University was found guilty of instilling jihadist  teaching on young children from  Gotani primary school in Kilifi county.

While delivering the judgment , Mombasa Principal Magistrate Diana Mochache  told the convict that he only converted to Islam to acquire a new name, identity and new  friends.

“You are a very intelligent person according to how I have observed you, you did not change your religion from Christian to Islam for the better of your faith but you were using it as ac conveyor belt to your evil thoughts” said Mochache.

The Magistrate insisted that the accused succeeded  in achieving his thought as he had managed to radicalize six children whose parents possessed Christian faith.

Mochache added that the convict used the innocence of the young children to achieve his own agenda and ideological believes which are contrary to Islam teachings.

In her ruling , the magistrate told the accused that the offence was serious despite him being a first offender.

“There is great need  for you to be kept away  from the public for a long time, where you might be able to read  books which might help you change for the better” said the magistrate.

However the Magistrate acquitted the accused of two other charges accusing  the prosecution of failure to prove beyond reasonable doubt that he was a member of Al-shabaab and recruiting students to the said group.

She said that the prosecution failed to directly link the accused to Al-shaaab hence he could not be a member of the terrorist group.

“There was no evidence educed to prove that he was recruiting people to join the said terrorist group hence I acquit him of the charge” said  Mochache.