Prostitutes force man to drink urine after failing to pay for services

Prostitutes force man to drink urine after failing to pay for services

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Commercial sex workers in Asaba, Delta State in Nigeria gave a certain man the lesson  of his life by forcing him to drink his urine, after failing to pay for the procured sexual services.

According to reports by Nigerian Media, the sex workers in the state had all together agreed to  increase the amount they usually charged for sex and customers were duly informed.

However some stubborn men still refused to abide by the new price , thereby forcing the sex workers to come up with a way to teach them a lesson.

According to one of the sex workers, Ngozi,  a round of sexual services before the price increased, popularly called ‘Short Time’, used to be N1,000 but was increased N2,000 while an all night sex session, called ‘Day Break’, which used to be N5,000, was increased to N8,000.

The man in question ended up being a “student” of the “lesson”  after he spent the night with one of the sex workers in the brothel, and in the morning, insisted on paying N5,000 as against the new price of N8,000.

The sex worker reportedly insisted on getting her full money but when the man refused to pay the extra N3,000, an argument ensued between them attracting her other colleagues to come to her rescue.

The man is reported to have thoroughly been beaten and stripped naked,after which each sex worker went into their rooms and came out with the bucket of contaminated urine and water forcing him to drink.

Reports also say the ladies bathed him with the water that  they  had also used in washing their genitals after sex.

The man was only rescued when the management of the brothel summoned the police who stormed the place and dispersed the enraged women.