Parents turn to second hand book sellers to beat high costs of...

Parents turn to second hand book sellers to beat high costs of Textbooks

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Parents queuing for books in the last minute shopping in Mombasa.

Parents continued to jam shops in last minutes shopping of books and uniforms for their children as schools reopen on Monday for term one countrywide.

In Mombasa, many  parents and pupils crowded second hand book stalls which are situated along the streets to do their final shopping following increase of prices of new books.

Book publishers however confirmed having hiked price of books by between 15 -22 percent and accused Government of increasing taxes on publication materials.

A number of parents who talked to Baraka FM  said they have resorted to second hand textbooks following the price hike.

“Price of books has  been increased  beyond our reach , we have now decided to buy this second hands text books , they are a bit cheaper “ one of them said .

The Kenya Publishers Association on Saturday told parents to prepare for an increase in prices of books.

The association chairman David Waweru attributed the increase of of price to the rise of cost of production which has gone up by 22 percent due to high taxation.