Police arrest Al-shaabab suspect in Mombasa raid

Police arrest Al-shaabab suspect in Mombasa raid

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Counter-terrorism police team Monday raided a suspected al-shabaab hide-out in Majengo estate in Mombasa and arrested a terror suspect before recovering what they termed as deadly weapons.

Among the weapons recovered were 345 rounds of ammunitions, 4 M4 assault rifles, phones, a laptop and a G3 riffle.

During the raid one suspected Alshabbab militant Abdulfatar Twahir was arrested while four other suspects escaped police dragnet,

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Some of the weapons recovered by police during raid in Majengo, Mombasa.

The four suspects who escaped are Kassim Mohammed Abdalla, Hussein Omar Said, Mohammed Salim Mohammed and Ismael Mohammed Soshi.

Police also raised red flag on the passport recovered belonging to a lady Warda Omar.

The 27 year old is alleged to be an Alshaabab operative In Kenya and has been involved in planning of several terror activities in the country.

According to her passport , which was recovered by police during the raid , the woman entered the United Kingdom, (UK) from Nairobi through a Visa belonging to a spouse of a man named as Ali in July 2013.

Coast region police commander Francis Wanjohi said the passport was used by the suspects to confuse the detectives on the suspect’s movements.

He noted that the four Alshaabab operatives had escaped from the Boni forest, and had planned to launch an attack during the festivities season.

“We intended to get them alive so that they can enable us to identify their accomplishes but unfortunately they have escaped our dragnet however we have casted our dragnet wider, not only in Mombasa but everywhere and we assure you we are going to bring them to books.

Hussein Said Omar and Ismael Mohammed Soshi has been on the list of the most wanted and dangerous terrorists circulated by inspector general of police Joseph Boinett.

A bounty of ksh. 2 million have been placed on their heads.

Security officers had earlier warned that several terror suspects had sneaked into the country and were targeting to carry out an attack in unknown place within the city.

On Wednesday last week, security agents arrested three men of Somali origin hiding in a lodging in mwembetayari area suspected of planning a terror attack in Mombasa.police recovered 56 rounds of ammunitions.