Mzee Ngala takes Bango to a higher notch

Mzee Ngala takes Bango to a higher notch

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Mzee Ngalla-The face of Bango Music.

For a very long time, Bango music has been confined to weddings and parties.

Bango is often associated with the same group of musicians , in which one of the most relevant faces of Bango music over the years, has been  Mzee Ngala.

With massive hits and a career spanning several decades now, Mzee Ngala has decided to add another feather to his cap; he’s the first to fuse Bango with modern pop music.

In a song titled ‘Nisikilize Mwanangu’, Mzee Ngala & Kaa La Moto have arguably the first fusion of Bango and HipHop, and what remains to be observed is how the song  will perform in the market.

Here’s the link to the video: