150 million trees to be planted; Kenyatta’s New Year message to Kenya

150 million trees to be planted; Kenyatta’s New Year message to Kenya

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With Climate Change becoming Global agenda, President Uhuru Kenyatta has reiterated Kenya’s efforts in tackling global warming.

In his New Year’s message to the nation on Thursday, President  Kenyatta Said that the donations Kenya received in Paris will help in various Environmental projects in the country.

“After the successful Climate Change summit in Paris, Kenya received $10 million from the Climate adaptation fund while Denmark committed to supporting Kenya with 7.5 billion shillings for the Green Growth and Employment Project.” said President Uhuru.

He further said that the Renewable Energy Initiative pledged $10 billion in renewable energy projects for the region, and Kenya will stand to benefit significantly.

Kenyatta’s address also hinted out at the government plans on to increase forest cover by planting more trees.
The president confirmed that 150 million seedlings were prepared for planting so as to improve forest cover to 7.2 per cent.

On matters safeguarding the wild life, the president spelt out the significant improvement that has been achieved to combat the poaching menace that has been a concern and brought a lot of campaigns against poaching; especially in regards to the rate at which elephants and Rhinos have been targeted by poachers.

“I wish to also report significant progress in 2015. Poaching declined a massive 80 percent.  The number of elephants poached fell to 57 while the number of rhinos poached fell to 5” He added.