One staff dead and at least 20 injured as Strathmore Uni stages...

One staff dead and at least 20 injured as Strathmore Uni stages terror drill causing panic in Nairobi

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One staff is reported dead and at least 20 students injured, after a security drill that was conducted at Strathmore University in Nairobi Monday afternoon turned disastrous.

Through a statement sent to news rooms, the employee died in hospital where she and others who were injured in the drill were taken.

“We confirm that we have one fatality, this evening.  One staff member by name Esther Kidemba, 33, has died from severe head injuries. Efforts to resuscitate her failed, and she succumbed to the injuries.” the university’s Director of Communication Betty Ngala

The death and injuries were a result of a stampede that followed the mock terror exercise as students and members of staff scampered to safety.

According to witnesses, blasts and several gunshots were heard which made students to run and take cover.

Some students were reported to have jumped from the second floor of their classroom building, trying to escape after what they thought was a real terror attack.

students scampering for safety
students scampering for safety

According to some of the students and staff who were caught unawares, men dressed in Arab scarfs showed up and started shooting what was later revealed to be rubber bullets.

The learners faulted the University for failing to inform them prior to the drill, saying they would have been better prepared and injuries would have been avoided.

Nairobi Police chief Japheth Koome who was involved in the security drill that was meant to gauge preparedness in case of a terror attack there, says all protocols were followed.

Kenyans on social media and Parents of the injured students blamed the University for conducting the drill without proper preparations.

The university’s administration said the drill was conducted to test the preparedness of both the students and staff in case of an emergency, but have however promised to cater for the medical expenses of the injured.