KIlifi Man Killed As He Mourns His Child

KIlifi Man Killed As He Mourns His Child

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Police in Kilifi County on Monday launched an investigation over the murder of an old man who was killed in a family gathering during funeral of his own son.

Dida Chivatsi,53, a resident of Mwakuhenga village in Kilifi North sub-county was brutally murdered on Sunday night at his home just a few days after sudden death of his son.

Kilifi police boss Joshua Ole Leina told Baraka FM that the deceased was confronted by three assilants who stubbed him on the head with panga.

“These suspects entered the residence and pulled him from his house where he was with other mourners and killed him outside before disappearing. We have launched investigations over the incident”’, said OCPD Ole Leina.

“We will now arrest the family members for grilling as the prime suspects because such an incident cannot happen without the knowledge of the family members.” He added in an interview in his Kilifi office.

The region has for many years recorded numerous ugly incidences where elder men are attacked and killed for suspected “witch craft”.