Mpeketoni Residents Wants Bigger Mortuary!

Mpeketoni Residents Wants Bigger Mortuary!

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Residents of Mpeketoni in Lamu County want the county government to put up a bigger mortuary to enable proper preservation of bodies.

The current facility at the Mpeketoni sub-district hospital cannot not hold more than five bodies at ago, a situation that has led to congestion of bodies and questionable hygiene.

Locals are now calling on the county government to honor a promise it made earlier in the year to build a modern morgue in the town.

Speaking in Mpeketoni on Wednesday, the locals said the facility is sometimes forced to turn away bodies due to lack of space forcing the bereaved families to hurriedly bury their kin before decomposition kicks in.

“Sometimes you go with your body and are told there is no space and indeed when you check, the situation at the facility is horrible. People are forced to bury their loved ones before the planned time before the bodies decompose. The smell from the facility is also not good. The county government said it would put up a mortuary here and we yet to see one,”said Kimani Stephen,a resident of Mpeketoni.

Earlier in the year,Lamu governor Issa Timamy had said the county government would put up a bigger and modern facility at a cost of Sh.50 Million in the town to ease the current congestion experienced at the Mpeketoni hospital –with limited space for preserving many bodies.
Lamu county has three public hospitals ; The Lamu King Fahad hospital on the island, the Mpeketoni sub-district hospital in Mpeketoni and Faza hospital in Lamu east of

Only the Mpeketoni sub-district hospital has a mortuary.