Elnino rains cause havoc at the Coast

Elnino rains cause havoc at the Coast

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Photo of Maungu-Kasigau road cut off by floods in Taita Taveta

Heavy rains being experienced currently in most parts of Taita Taveta, Kilifi , Mombasa and Tana River Counties at the Coast have caused havoc as transport and businesses remain paralyzed in several areas.

Several motorists have been stuck on the road between Miritini in Mombasa and Taru since Monday after floods cut off parts of road diversions along the Mombasa- Nairobi highway which is under constructions.

Mwatate and Voi constituencies have mostly been affected in Taita Taveta county after floods reportedly washed away several roads and bridges, paralyzing transport and businesses in the region.

The Kenya Red Cross and National Disaster Management Authority officials confirmed that Maungu-Kasigau road has completely been cut off forcing Itinyi residents to walk long distances to seek transport.

Roads affected include Mairunge-Mwatunge and Mwatate/Taveta in Mwatate after the heavy waters swept away bridges cutting of Kironge Shopping Centre.

Pic AMsanganyiko Bridge in Rong’e Ward Mwatate constituency has also been flooded thus hindering vehicles from Wundanyi to Rong’e Juu from crossing.

Aboda boda rider managed to escape death after his motorbike was swept away by the floods.

A house under construction near Mwatate town centre was also swept away by heavy waters.

Land/rock slides have also been experienced in Chawia ward in Mwatate after heavy rocks slide down from Mwanjoji hill , though no injuries has been reported.

Meanwhile the county government has reiterated calls for residents living in flood-prone areas to vacate to safer grounds and be extra careful during this rainy season.

The county government has allocated Kshs.10 million as emergency funds to assist in case of tragedy during the rainy season.

In Kilifi county, a number of rivers have been flooded and roads washed away paralyzing transport in several parts of the county since Sunday.

The most affected areas include