Police release pictures of suspected hardcore criminal

Police release pictures of suspected hardcore criminal

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Police chiefs in Mombasa Friday released an image of the most wanted suspected criminal alleged to be operating in the city of Mombasa.

The name of the suspect Omar Babs is  said to be armed and very dangerous.

Detectives in Mombasa said the suspect has been harassing the residents with no reason.

Mombasa county Commissioner Nelson Marwa termed the suspect to be one of the militia and tasked the police commanders to arrest  and interrogate him thoroughly.

“There is a dangerous criminal in town, he is armed, I don’t care who he is, he has a lot of money we believe to be of drugs,” said Mr. Marwa.

Mr Marwa said the suspect has been trying to bribe the police in the name of releasing drug barons arrested.

“The suspect has a lot of Money,when suspect is arrested he is the first one to arrive at a police station seeking for release,if he is armed we are asking the commanders to interrogate  how did he got the gun,” Marwa  said.

Meanwhile detectives in port city have raised an alarm over the emerging gang said to be affiliate to terror group of al-shabaab targeting streets children and university students.

The group calling itself the leaks in the county .is said to be operating within town and is targeting university students studying engineering and technical subjects for their known reason.

Police said plans are underway in all universities and colleges to account for the registered students.

Mr.  Marwa asked youth to desist from the gang as the police were aware of it “Investigations are on,we are going to account the street children in the county,they are promising them heaven but we are cautioning everyone, especially youth,” said Mr. Marwa.