The power of a woman in the making

The power of a woman in the making

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Juliet Riziki, a mother, motivational speaker and political analyst.

She is a mother, motivational speaker, political analyst, activist, business woman and   she vied for women representative in Kilifi County in the previous general election, which she never succeeded.

Juliet Riziki was born in Ganze Constituency in Kilifi County, is a woman of her own words. To date she still gives back to the community by mentoring young girls and women in different areas of life.

In 2013, she vied for women representative under NARC KENYA Party, “I was determined that I will win the political seat and be amongst the first woman, but it never dawned on me .”

Despite the fact that she is not an MCA, she still utilizes her leadership skills well by giving back to the society through initiating youth and women empowerment projects in Kilifi County.

Juliet Riziki (center) with traditional dancers in Kilifi.
Juliet Riziki (center) with traditional dancers in Kilifi.

She is the founder of youth empowerment programs that enables her to mentor students in various schools on life challenges and career choosing.

“I still have a calling that am still serving all people by empowering them. I started this project late last year and so far I have visited four secondary schools to mentor students on how to have different approach of life after they are through with school because our government system has been education youths and children on the need to be educated and securing jobs.”

“What I want is to see them being empowered enough to face life challenges whether they have secured job or not.” She said.

Riziki  with students in one of the schools in Kilifi
Riziki with students in one of the schools in Kilifi

She is also the founder of Mekatilili Community Project in Kilifi, the project that targets women whom she helps through raising school fees for their children.

“This project has enabled rural women to make use of the available by investing in poultry rearing project in which after few weeks they sell eggs at the cheaper rate they use the money to pay school fees . There are 32 children who are benefitting from this project and they are continuing with the education at school, my intention now is to look for sponsors who will help us in expanding this project so as to have high yields from the poultry.” She said.

Ms. Riziki termed stereotype as her main challenge since some of the community members never take her seriously, “its very unfortunate that up to date some of the people in the community never attends or make fun of my community projects , to an extend of confronting me to give them money because they still call me ‘Mheshimiwa, I wish we would join hands together and make give the projects opportunity to grow and bring us revenue”.

On women and politics, she challenged women to embrace two third Gender Rule which she says has enabled many women  to come out of their comfort zone and vie for different political seats and leadership.

“Gender Rule gave women confidence in politics, but this is not enough, we can all go beyond that by not waiting them to be given leadership on  a silver platter,  they should not wait for nomination, it should not be our fall back plan but we can fight for those positions, leadership starts with anyone. And this means that we can break the two thirds Gender Rule and go beyond that. I would like to see many women coming up and claiming leadership positions starting from merry go round, nyumba kumi, among others ”she uttered.

Her wish is to see industrialized nation through education system, “ if I had been elected I would have tabled to the parliament  on industrializing education system by motivating children when they are still young by knowing that they can became anything they want in life, but not for us choosing the kind of career on behalf of children.

Her role model is Martha Karua whom she said that she encouraged and mentored her politically.

Her parting shot is every Kenyan has a role to play by making sure that they are doing a right thing at the right time. “they should not blame anybody for any mistakes, they you should take step and being responsible in everything they do and women should have confidence in everything they do d  for them to succeed.