Muturi urges lawyers to help strengthen institutions of governance in Africa

Muturi urges lawyers to help strengthen institutions of governance in Africa

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National Assembly Speaker Justin Muturi have asked participants in this year’s Africa Colloquium for Legal Counsel Serving in Parliaments which opened on Thursday  in Mombasa , to deliberate well on issues that will contribute to the strengthening of African Parliaments.

In his statement delivered through Ruaraka MP  TJ Kajwang’, the National Assembly Speaker  acknowledged the importance of the legal minds attached to quality and professionalism they offer to the various Legislatures they serve.

Justin Muturi , National Assembly Speaker.
Justin Muturi, National Assembly Speaker.

’ Africa is soaring. The general outlook for the continent is optimistic. However, if this momentum is to be sustained, we must continually strengthen our institutions of governance. Thus, the need for robust and independent Legislature cannot be gainsaid’’ Read the statement.

On his part, Tj Kajwang also reiterated the same by stating that a properly established Legal Office to offer professional legal services to the Legislature is an inevitable prerequisite of an independent Parliament.

On devolution, Kajwang said, ‘’I am particularly delighted to see representation from Kenya’s County Assemblies which are, perhaps, the youngest formation of Africa’s legislature. In the spirit of mentor ship, I urge you to continue nurturing these assemblies so that they can thrive and foster devolution in Kenya or become rich resource for best practice for jurisdictions elsewhere”