Few men go for HIV test in Mombasa, says survey

Few men go for HIV test in Mombasa, says survey

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Women between the age of 15 to 49 years know that HIV can be prevented using condoms at 83 per cent compared to National level which is at 77 per cent, according to the Kenya Demographic Health Survey 2014.

The recently released survey says HIV related Knowledge for men at the same age is at 96 percent in Mombasa County.

On HIV testing , the survey shows that more women have tested at 58 per cent compared to men at 40 percent.

HIV 2A problem that Mr. Elias Nyagah, head of Mombasa County Kenya National Bureau of statistics attributes to fear by men to know their HIV status.

“Despite the fact that statistics indicate that men are more knowledgeable about HIV they fear being tested at health facility. This is due to fear and stigma they are facing in the society, there is need to give them more information so that they can overcome it and be tested”. He said.

On girl child education, Mr. Nyaga has urged  stakeholders and organizations that deal with children to be on the forefront to make sure that girls joining secondary schools do not drop out.

He observed that it’s unfortunate how the number of girls in secondary schools drop more than in primary schools despite the fact that there is a lot of awareness on the importance of educating a girl child.

“Statistics that we have show that Mombasa County has gender parity of 0.98 per percent, this shows that its less than 0.02 percent of girls who are out of school in primary level. But in secondary school, gender parity is a bit lower at 0.91 percent”. He said.

He has however said that he is not sure of what has triggered the problem though there is need for the relevant organs to step in.