Nyumba Kumi Initiative to in-cooperate Music and Drama Festival in its agenda

Nyumba Kumi Initiative to in-cooperate Music and Drama Festival in its agenda

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Joseph Kaguthi, Nyumba Kumi Initiative Chairman addressing Press in Mombasa.

The Nyumba Kumi initiative is in the process of incorporating The Kenya National Drama and Music festivals in the initiative in a bid to promote security in the country.

Speaking on Tuesday at Kenya School of Government, Mombasa, Nyumba Kumi Initiative chairperson Joseph Kaguthi termed it a good way of ensuring that “our mission of security starts with you,” is spread across Kenya.

“We are in talks with stakeholders of the National Music and Drama festival and we have come to an agreement that if we can get sponsorship to support the theme for next year’s festivals from Nursery schools to University then they will be on board with us,” said Mr. Kaguthi

Mr Kaguthi who is also the former PC, says they will use the theme “Citizen participation in security as a first line of defense” and “The cost of security is internal vigilance by everybody in Kenya”, as the major themes for next year’s festival.

“We will be training the Music/drama teachers and adjudicators to teach the kids to get into the culture of taking security matters as their own responsibility, and this will be passed to the rest of the citizens,” added Mr. Kaguthi

The 56th Edition of the 2015 Annual Kenya National Drama Festival was held on  Tuesday 7th April to Friday 17th April  this year , in Nakuru County, with the theme  “Enhancing Social Responsibility for National Development”.

On the other hand, the 89th Edition of the 2015 Kenya National Music festival was held on August 2nd to  12th  in Kisumu county, with the theme  ‘Promoting National Values and Ideals’.

The Nyumba Kumi initiative, in which members of a neighborhood are expected to know at least 10 of their neighbors, was started by the jubilee government to help curb insecurity in the country.

“ We operate on the mantra See-say, Hear-say, Suspect-say do not just assume that it’s not your responsibility as these thieves are your neighbors, husbands, brothers etc, Security starts with you!” says Kaguthi.