Lamu Madrassa teacher goes into hiding over sodomy claims

Lamu Madrassa teacher goes into hiding over sodomy claims

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Stone Town Academy in Lamu.

The  35 year old teacher is alleged to have  sexually molested nine class three pupils at Stone Town Academy in Lamu.

Parents were up in arms on Tuesday demanding the immediate arrest of the culprit alleged  to have unnoticeably committed the offences since last year.

They were accusing the teacher of having sodomized the kids aged between 8 and 9 within the school compound.

Some parents have already started withdrawing their children from the school.

Classes too had to be interrupted every now and then after parents continued to storm the school in protest.

According to the school management, the suspect  would allegedly conduct the evil acts during his class hours or at secluded areas within Lamu town.

A  nursery school boy aged 8 is also among the nine victims molested by the teacher.

Tteachers and school administrators who spoke to journalists on Tuesday claimed the teacher had already been fired in absentia after he fled once he discovered that his acts had been uncovered a week ago.

The school head teacher Charles Wanjohi said the suspect managed to get away with his acts owing to his polite and respectful nature which made it impossible for anyone to suspect him of anything.

Wanjohi  however said the management started raising eyebrows after a number of students reported to having been ‘inappropriately’ touched by the teacher.

“He is very polite and respectful. Who would have imagined. But we started suspecting him after a number of students reported him. We also noticed that the performance of most students in his class and his subject was sky diving.I decided to prod the students who were initially scared but later on opened up on everything he had been doing to them. We are shocked,” said Wanjohi.

The teacher is claimed also to have on many occasions been forcing the students to undress after which he would proceed to inappropriately touch their privates.

The teacher would then threaten to kill them if they told anyone and would relentlessly beat them up in school just to drive the message home, a reason Wanjohi says made many of them afraid to open up.

“We managed to identify nine students, seven boys and two girls who were bold enough to accept what the teacher did. They were afraid to report since he threatened them and would beat them up every time,” said Wanjohi.

The school manage Mohamed Abubakar said they would cooperate with law enforcers to ensure the teacher was found and charged.

“I can’t continue to have my son here. If this went on for more than a year and no one noticed, who knows what else happens but isn’t seen or noticed.I have no faith with the school again,”said Hamza Salim.

Lamu West MP Julius Ndegwa and women representative Shakilla Abdalla promised to seek justice for the molested students.