Thousands of ferry commuters stranded in Mombasa

Thousands of ferry commuters stranded in Mombasa

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Thousands of ferry commuters including tourists and KCSE candidates were Monday morning stranded after one of the five ferries operating along Likoni ferry crossing channel stuck at the ramp blocking the pathway for others to dock.

A near stampede almost occurred at the crossing channel as a result of overcrowding of commuters at the waiting sites.

Ah7tiOLzvFW9AQGWxqKxRy6yIESvPbncPrYqlceBzdwFUnconfirmed reports indicated that several people were rescued from drowning after they fell into the sea as they struggled to border MV Nyayo , the only ferry that was operating during the time.

There was also a traffic pile up along streets heading to the crossing channel especially on the south Coast side.

Ak1wQgL-_JaAD__nrzadeVNaQYM8I8aNYrBieLww9UGP (1)Among the affected were candidates sitting for their KCSE exams on Monday.

Aisha Suleiman, a KCSE candidate at the Star of the Sea was one of the candidates stranded during the confusion.

“I really don’t know what to do but I hope the invigilators will understand the situation” said panicking Aisha.

Tourists headed for the airport to catch flights were also caught up in the mess.

“I arrived here from Leisure Lodge in the South Coast with tourists headed for Germany at exactly 6am, but have not moved an inch and my clients are uncomfortable with prospects of missing flight,’’ Juma Salim, a tour operator said.

Our efforts to reach the Kenya Ferry Services management were fruitless as they were unreachable even on phone.