Mysterious deaths of four people stun villagers in Kilifi

Mysterious deaths of four people stun villagers in Kilifi

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Residents of Kikambala and Matsangoni in Kilifi County are yet to come to terms with the chilling news of deaths of four people in a single night on Sunday.

Among the four cases, three were suicides and one murder in which police are now holding two suspects in custody.

Kilifi OCPD Joshua Ole Leina confirmed that two cases took place at Bomnani village in Junju location, Kikambala division and the third one happened at Mikingirini in Tezo location.

“This night, we have reported four death cases, in which three of them were suicide cases while the fourth incident was a murder case at Roka village in Matsangoni location. It’s also shocking the rate in which we are losing men to similar deaths.” said Mr Leina.

John Mwamuye Tawa, 60 , was  found hanging inside his house  at Bomani village in Junju location

The deceased reportedly hanged himself using a lesso. His brother Jeremia Tawa, said he was awoken by people screaming and crying in the direction of his late brother’s house, and rushed there only to find him hanging in his bedroom with a lesso.

In the same village, a 40 year old Jonathan Katana Cheti, was found hanging on a tree 200 meters away from his house. The deceased was found by his brother Katana Ngala having tied his neck with a lasso.

In the same night, at Mikiringini village, Tezo location, Khamis Kazungu.s body was found hanging inside house with a rope on his neck.

According to the deceased s brother Mohamed Kazungu, his brother, 45, had been living a troubled life after he divorced his wife, fifteen years ago.

While all this was happening, 73 years old Kadzitu Kiepe from Roka Maweni was allegedly found murdered in his house by unknown people.

According to area ward representative, Mohamed Hassan, the matter was reported to him by the family and he reported the same to the police.

“We are currently holding two people suspected to have participated in the murder of the old man, “said Mr Leina.

The OCPD did not disclose whether those held are family members saying they were still carrying investigations.

He warned the locals against killing the elderly and also cautioned against suicides which he said was now alarming in the county.