Lamu County Government names notorious drug dens

Lamu County Government names notorious drug dens

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Addicts at one of the drug dens in Lamu.

Lamu county administration  has released a list of the most notorious drug dens in the county as the war on narcotics rages on.

The list was released by Lamu county commissioner Fredrick Ndambuki in joint collaboration with the office of the county governor Issa Timamy .

The notorious drug dens include among others Majengo village in Mokowe,Witu town, Kashmir village in Lamu town, Kizingitini, Faza, Tchundwa and Mbwajumwali.

While releasing the list to the public on Friday, Ndambuki said the number of police officers mandated with hunting down drug barons and closing up existing drug dens has been increased in the said areas.

He said drug use in Lamu was a major challenge and called for collective efforts from locals and leaders in order to sweep it out.

Ndambuki added that the county administration would work to ensure the existing dens are closed down and any other new ones identified to face the same fate.

“We have been able to identify the major zones here in Lamu where drugs are used, sold and peddled. We also understand that some peddlers have come from outside to Lamu just to do such business. We have increased the number of officers who will work to flush out these people and close down such ventures permanently,”said Ndambuki.

Governor Timamy however criticized the county administration for its laxity in the war on drugs.

“They have told us the notorious drug dens. Am yet to understand why no action hasn’t been taken to arrest those involved since they know where to find them. There is need for more responsibility than this if this war has to be won,”said Timamy.

Meanwhile, over 500 villagers from Mokowe together with their local administrators on Friday took to the streets to protest against the now ‘booming’ drug peddling ‘business’ in the area.

The locals also accused police officers in the region of laxity and of colluding with some of the drug barons.

The demonstrators also demolished stalls and kiosks believed to be owned by suspected drug peddlers in Majengo village.

“We are doomed is these drug business will continue. We have and are still losing our children. Our once able bodied sons are now slowly being turned into unrecognizable dummies who can’t think of nothing else but drugs. If the police can’t do their work, we shall be glad to help,’said Asman Omari

Lamu senior Chief Abdalla Shahasi called on willing addicts to surrender themselves to the county government for rehabilitation.