Hundreds turn up for free breast cancer check-up in Mombasa

Hundreds turn up for free breast cancer check-up in Mombasa

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Hundreds of women benefited from a two day free Breast cancer screening held on Friday and Saturday at the Aga Khan Hospital in Mombasa.

Women who attended the screening exercise organized and funded by The Aga Khan Hospital were sensitized on benefits of early detection and treatment of breast cancer.

Sultan Sharman, Director of health services in the Hospital urged women to attend regular screening, saying early detection is the cure.

“Early detection is the cure, if you’re found with cancer at early stages you can get treatment 100 percent” said Sultan.

She also disowned the myth that only women aged between 40 and above stand the risk of being infected saying that even young girls can get breast cancer.

Florence Mupe , a 23 year old lady was among women who showed up for the screening exercise.

“I have decided to come for the screening because I have seen a lot of people suffering after realizing that they have breast cancer after it’s too late” said Florence.

The research has also showed that even men can be infected with breast cancer though most shy away for screening.

Kefa Mboshe who showed up for the free check-up said he decided to attend after hearing that men can also get breast cancer.

“I have heard cases of men infected by the disease so I found it relevant for me to come for the checkup” said Kefa.

October has been marked as a Breast Cancer Awareness Month, an annual campaign being used to increase public awareness about cancer globally.