Empire’s Bryshere Gray is alive and kicking

Empire’s Bryshere Gray is alive and kicking

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Bryshere Gray ,Empire's actor.

The last few days has seen rumors run widespread across the internet that Bryshere Y. Gray popularly known as Hakeem Lyon in Empire, is dead.

According to https://dancehallvibezz.wordpress.com, the 22 year old celebrity had been shot dead in Philadelphia earlier in the week. The site reported:

“Reliable sources state that Gray had just parked outside a convenience store and was unbuckling his seat belt to alight from his car. Seemingly out of nowhere, two armed men who wore balaclavas stood on either side of the car and one of them shot Gray at close range in the chest, through the driver’s window, which was halfway down.

Unfortunately, efforts to resuscitate him were fruitless as he bled profusely from the wound inflicted on his chest. He was sadly pronounced dead upon arrival in the hospital.”

Well is Gray dead? The answer is no! Gray is alive and kicking and entertaining his fans as usual. A Look at his twitter account shows that it’s been active since last night take a look at the screen shot

screen shot gray



Well this is a great relief to all the Empire fans who were so disappointed when the news broke out. At least we get still get to see him on our screens!