Willy Paul reveals bride- to- be?

Willy Paul reveals bride- to- be?

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Kenyan celebrated gospel musician Willy Paul broke the news of his wedding engagement through his social media page on Wednesday, sparking serious debate on social media.

Willy posted on his Social media page a picture of an engagement ring on a ladies finger with the following caption:

“It’s finally here, the date is set, the bride is set, the cake is set and I am ready….. Willy Paul getting married… stay on for more updates on the wedding plan…. it’s one very hard move but blessings follow”

On Thursday , Willy posted a picture of him and his soon to be bride and all hell broke loose as the comments started trickling in.

As usual, one would have expect congratulatory messages but for a larger part that was not the case for the “Sitolia” hit maker.

One of the comments on Facebook read,

“See More Stories Juzi nilikuona ns kabinti eeeh willy…. mavazi yake no! Willy no…. willy this is not a wife to a gospel artists hayo mavazi jsmani…. which bible do you read….. DJ MO wea are you at least to show this prodigal son the way things are getting ooof hand….. Willy ulikua umeanza kurudisha fame but sasa hii ni shame”

The conversation was taken to twitter under the hashtag #WIllyPaulAnnounces  and is now trending

We sampled some of the twitter posts:

M Sheriff ‏@RM_Sheriff  30m30 minutes ago

WillyPaul & MileyCyrus hakuna tofauti bt while Miley’s wierdness earns her millions,Willy’s stupidity kills his fanbase Willy Paul Announces

Bamba 10 ‏@Tonney_Tosh  1h1 hour ago

Willy Paul announces give the dude a break..after all it costs you nothing to mind your own

Arsenalised ‏@Eddiest_KE  2h2 hours ago

Amefanya degree hata??”@naff254: Willy Paul Announces that he is getting married. i never saw that coming. thought he was gay”

Softy Ojiambo ‏@softyoj  4m4 minutes ago

@sandra_pinkie: Lol so WILLY PAUL ANNOUNCES HE IS GETTING MARRIED I wonder why young boys are rushing to club marriage.”

Some other fans have gone ahead to congratulate him but according to the comments and tweets majority are not for this idea. Guess Size 8 needs to come and give him more advice on looking for a wife.