Governor Timamy bans use of automobiles in Lamu Town

Governor Timamy bans use of automobiles in Lamu Town

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Lamu Governor Issa Timamy speaking at a function in Lamu

Lamu Governor Issa Timamy has warned motorists still using automobiles in Lamu old town that they risk being arrested and charged.

The warning was directed to all those who still have their vehicles, bicycles and motorcycles on the island with Governor Timamy asking them to have all automobiles out of the town.

Timamy said he was aware of individuals who had sworn not to part with their automobiles and were secretly using them within the old town.

He directed county officials to hunt down and arrest all owners who have defied the order and have them charged in court.

“I will still maintain that all automobiles must leave the island. This is a historical town with a rich and pure heritage which we have to preserve at all costs. We are not giving any special treatment. The notice required all automobiles to leave. I wonder why some people haven’t done so.I have therefore instructed my officers to arrest such people and have them charged,” said Timamy.

Governor Timamy also accused motorcyclists in the town of precipitating drug through peddling and selling of the harmful substances.

“We have discovered that these motorcyclists are in fact drug peddlers. They are the agents used to spread such substances around. We will have you arrested if we spot you with a motorcycle” added Timamy.

In August this year, the county government of Lamu issued a notice banning all automobiles in the mainland in a bid to preserve the culture and heritage of the historical old town.

Locals have been forced to go back to the use of donkeys for transportation.

Only two vehicles, an ambulance, a municipal tractor and three motorcycles belonging to the county government, Kenya Power company and the Water Board have been allowed to operate in the town.

Lamu old town boasts itself in being a rich preserve of age old culture of the Africans, Arabs and Indians in a manner that depicts the life and trading patterns of such people in olden days.

The town has been listed by Unesco as a world heritage site but reports also indicate that it’s at risk of losing its long preserved culture due to the introduction of modern elements that threaten to erode the original look of the town.