Marwa tells Police to apply force to recover lost gun.

Marwa tells Police to apply force to recover lost gun.

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Mombasa County Commissioner Nelson Marwa on Tuesday reminded residents that there will be no peace until a gun stolen from a police officer who was shot and killed by unknown gunmen late last month at Bondeni area, is recovered.

Speaking during Mashujaa Day celebrations at Mombasa County stadium, Marwa said the G3 riffle is in the wrong hands of criminals alleged to be operating within Bondeni and Old Town areas, and must be recovered.

“We want the gun back, without that there will be no peace, we are not going to turn back let me tell you guys,” tough Marwa tell the crowd.

The late Simon Luchodo, a police officer who was manning the bank was killed and his riffle taken by suspected gunmen who later escaped through the alleys of old town, according to eyewitness.

The county commissioner said that the lost gun must be returned to the government or else the security agents will be forced to apply force.

The tough talking Marwa criticized local leaders for being quiet on the matter even after the brutal killing of the police officer.

“We are calling upon all leaders to stand up and speak the same voice,” added Marwa.

Police have been combing Old Town and Bondeni areas suspected to be hideout for criminals alleged to have killed the officer,  trying to recover lost gun.