Family wants fallen hero Dedan Kimathi ‘s body exhumed from Kamiti...

Family wants fallen hero Dedan Kimathi ‘s body exhumed from Kamiti Maximum Prison

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Fallen Hero Dedan Kimathi

The family of the fallen hero Dedan Kimathi has urged the government to exhume the hero’s body and give him  a descent burial.

The call comes as Kenyans prepare to mark Mashujaa Day on Tuesday .

Speaking during an exhibition led by activist Bonface Mwangi , dubbed team courage, Everlyn Kimathi the daughter of Kimathi said as a family they know where  Kimathi was buried in Kamiti maximum prison  land.

Dedan Kimathi's widow
Dedan Kimathi’s widow

“I urge the govrnment to remove  Dedan Kimathi from  Kamithi maximum prison where he was buried, we have been there with 11 people and there are about 5 people who have come up saying they know where my dad was  laid ,The the Argenina government would like to assist in exhumation exercise if Kenyan government doesnt have money to exhume the body ” Everlyn said

She noted the need of giving his father a descent burial terming an historical event which will  show honour Mau Mau heroes 53 years after independence.

This comes after the son of Kapenguria six Kungu Karumba ,Johnstone Karumba urged the government to fastrack compensation of the Maumau victims who missed compensation from the UK.

Meanwhile chief Justice Dr Willy Mutunga urged the youth to uphold their constitutional rights and seek education which is their fundamantal right instead of being misused by some leaders.

He cautioned the youth to desist from being misued by politicians terming such incidences as detrimental to the development of modern society.

Constitutional expert Prof  Yash pal Ghai also urged the government to publish government information to allow the citizens to participate in governance matters.

“Bill of rights requires all of us to ask for information which is held in the government, there is need to get information from the government. I think it is important to use the provisions in the constitution which will allow us to get information .right now there is much debate whether we are bankrupt as a country .” Prof Ghai said East Africa Tourism Platform.