Mau Mau Veterans demand compensations a head of Mashujaa Day

Mau Mau Veterans demand compensations a head of Mashujaa Day

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Johnstone Karumba , a Mau Mau Veteran Kungu Karumba's son.

A section of Mau Mau veterans are complaining of being left out in the compensation awarded to victims after winning a case against the British government.

This comes as the county prepares to celebrate this year’s Mashujaa Day on Tuesday.

Mashujaa Day, also known as Heroes’ Day is a national day observed on 20 October to collectively honour all those who contributed towards the struggle for Kenya’s independence or positively contributed in the post independence Kenya.

In an exclusive interview with Baraka Fm in Kiserian town Kajiado county, Engineer JohnStone Karumba, son of the former Mau Mau detainee Kungu Karumba claimed that those victims and their families left out in compensation exercise were unable to raise amount required for registration

He faulted the compensation coordinating team led by MauMau veteran secretary general Gitu wa Kahengeri for ignoring the plight of the downtrodden veterans and their families who failed to registration.

“They didn’t follow what was expected because there are others whose legs are swollen, have not been paid, my sister was beaten has not been paid because due process wasn’t followed .This issue should be done thoroughly,every person who registered after paying some cash. I heard that they paid eight thousand.”He said

However, the Secretary General could not be reached over the allegation.

In 2013 approximately 5,000 Mau Mau victims were reportedly compensated with ksh.300,000 after winning a case filed in the UK seeking compensation.

Thousands of Kenyans were reportedly killed while others injured during the Mau Mau revolt against British rule in Kenya in the 1950s.

Karumba’s death mystery

The disappearance of Karumba is still a mystery in the eyes of his family.

His son narrated shockingly during the interview on how his father disappeared while in a business  trip in Uganda where he had invested in the country’s textile industry.

“They went to pick milk from their friend ,he left my brother and another person called Muchiri ,he said a m coiming in amoment ,he drove off since then we have never seen him ,he has never been seen ,we folwed by the authorities but we there is no official reports on th same up to now ,it is still amystery”Johnstone said.

It emerged that following the fact that Karumba was a reknowned hero who fought tirelessly for independence and  was among six detainees  at Lokitaung Lodwar.

“My father had never gone to school even nursery school,but the wisdom he had and wealth that is what pushed him to to level of Kapenguria six” He insisted

JohnStone urged the government to build monuments of the the six detainees to help upholding Kenyan heritage and boost tourist in the country .

Meanwhile Mashujaa Day set for Tuesday  was previously known as Kenyatta Day, celebrated to commemorate the detention of freedom fighters Achieng’ OnekoBildad KaggiaFred KubaiJomo KenyattaKung’u Karumba and Paul Ngei, often referred to as the Kapenguria Six.

However, following the promulgation of the Constitution of Kenya in August 2010, Kenyatta Day was renamed.